Celebrating International Women's Day

International Women’s Day is a global event giving people the opportunity to celebrate women’s achievements across the world. It brings together organizations and companies all the while recognizing the need to create a combined voice for gender equality.

We’ve noticed a really exciting trend in the growth of women entrepreneurs in the last decade. According to an American Express report, nearly 1,000 women-owned businesses are launched each day in the US.1 Out of these launched businesses, there are some hotspots across the US. Michigan is ranked 4th amongst states with the fastest growing numbers of women-owned businesses. It is up 57% between 2007–2016.2 We would like to share our co-founder Dr. Sonia Joshi’s inspiring entrepreneurial journey and vision for a better future for women everywhere.


I would refer to myself as an accidental entrepreneur. The journey to becoming Co-Founder and Global Brand Director of an international company started from a very simple idea; to help in my husband’s recovery from complications related to his Crohn’s Disease. So with no previous entrepreneurial or business experience, we started on a journey together that involved creating a product, getting it successfully launched in international markets and establishing a global brand as a result.

Co-Founding and launching OneSecond Supplements has been one of the most difficult but empowering things I have ever done. To help create a product that can be of help to others, learn new skills and push the boundaries of limits that were largely self-imposed has been both terrifying and exhilarating. And I am not alone in this, despite a male bias in many venture capital firms (male founders are also more like to get VC funding), the profile of successful female entrepreneurs is increasing, albeit mainly in tech. Unfortunately the challenges and perceived stereotypes in the startup sphere to being female remain – I was once assumed to be an attendant at a pitching event to an investment bank as I was the only female pitching that day! As a community of women in business, we need to work together to address these archaic views and it’s great to see women mobilizing to do this.

Creating your own business requires risk, dedication, and laser-like focus. I had to learn everything on the job whilst managing a professional career and raising two children. My motivation to continually push forward, learn new things and be constantly challenged stems from my children. As a woman, mom, entrepreneur and professional I want to show them the value of dedication and hard work. It’s important to me that they throw aside stereotypes and expectations others may have of them and see that it is never too late to keep learning and trying something new.

OneSecond Supplements has taught me a lot about myself, and I have discovered a new found resilience and focus I didn’t know I had. I have been able to use the valuable experiences (good and bad) I have learned with OneSecond Supplements to mentor others looking to start their own business. Hopefully, I can help inspire others to follow their passion and show them that the true reward of being an entrepreneur is relinquishing their fear and enjoying the journey.

I would love to hear about other women’s journeys out there. Please feel free to get in touch with me on twitter @OneSecondHealth.

Dr. Sonia Joshi
Global Brand Director OneSecond Supplements



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