Getting a good night sleep with OneSecond Supplements Sleep Aid

Sleeping well is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves.

Dr Jatin Joshi's Daily Sleep Aid Guidance Notes 

Sleep quality directly affects your physical and mental well-being. A poor night’s sleep can have a serious impact on your daytime energy, mental health and physical performance.

OneSecond Supplement's Daily Sleep Aid is the only sleep spray that has been clinically proven in an independent clinical trial to improve the quality of your sleep.

The results of the clinical trial showed that: -
• Daily Sleep Aid allowed 92% of subjects to fall asleep in less than 30 minutes compared to placebo.
• On a participant’s worst night of sleeplessness 80% of users fell asleep in less than 1 hour.
• 96% of Daily Sleep Aid users had objectively measured sleep length of over 7 hours.
• Pittsburgh Insomnia Score reduction in the Daily Sleep Aid group was over 208% better than placebo.

Daily Sleep Aid didn’t work for me, why?
We are all different, different sizes, different ages, different sex and different genetic make up. So, as with all things, there is not a "one size fits all" answer to why something may not have worked for you.

Daily Sleep Aid is designed to address that by allowing the user to take a dose of sleep spray that is appropriate to them.
Some people get by with using a single spray to help them get to sleep, some people may need 4 or more sprays to help them get to sleep. With Daily Sleep Aid you have the ability to take the dose that is best for you, something that will give you the perfect balance of sleep without the drowsiness or sluggishness that occurs with other sleep preparations.

So, my tips for getting a good night’s sleep are:
• Try to sleep at the same time every day, your body’s internal clock can be set to optimize the quality of your
• Count your sleep time in 90-minute blocks. 90 minutes is the length of a sleep cycle and waking up at the end of one of these blocks will help you feel great the next day. So, when deciding when you want to go to sleep work out what time you need to get up and work back in 90-minute blocks to see what time you should get to sleep. For example, if you need to get up at 6am then either go to sleep at 9pm at night giving you 9 hours of sleep (6x90 minute blocks) or go to sleep at 10.30 (5x90 minute blocks).
• Do not nap during the day. This will decrease your sleep pressure within the brain and will make it very difficult to get a natural sleep.
• Keep your room cool. The body can only effectively sleep in a cool room of around 65 degrees Fahrenheit (19 degrees Celsius)
• No caffeine after 4pm or after midday if you are really sensitive. Try a herbal tea or decaf instead.
• No screen time at least an hour before bed (ideally 2). The blue light from most screens prevents the release of endogenous melatonin from the brain.
• Keep your room dark. Melatonin is only released in darkness so keep that room free of light.


Tips for using OneSecond Supplements Daily Sleep Aid

• Daily Sleep Aid should help you get the non-drowsy sleep you need. If Daily Sleep Aid doesn’t work using the recommended 2-4 sprays, you may need to experiment with how much you need initially until you find your sweet spot, start with 2-3 sprays and increase or decrease as necessary.
• If Daily Sleep Aid doesn’t help within 30 minutes take some more. You can feel safe in the knowledge that the
advanced formulation prevents over-dosage and will give you a great and safe night’s sleep with no  drowsiness after.

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