How Vitamin D is Benefiting Athletes

There is a growing trend among U.S. athletes, and we’re not talking about side-snap pants and high tech running shoes…

According to the Wall Street Journal, America’s “elite athletes’” newest training tactic is good old-fashioned vitamin D. This surge of love for the so-called “sunshine vitamin” comes after several small studies (as well as one larger one among military personnel) have suggested a possible link between low vitamin D levels and an increase in injury. Now, U.S. major leagues, various college athletic departments, and the U.S. men’s and women’s soccer teams are all tracking their players’ vitamin D levels, as well as their intake. The hope is that by regulating vitamin D levels they can prevent players from missing games due to injuries.

One of the most well-known ways to obtain the daily-recommended dose of vitamin D is via sunlight. Experts say 20 minutes of direct sunshine each day ought to do the trick. But wait a second—aren’t most athletes spending hours a day training outdoors? How can so many of them still be deficient?

Well, one issue could point to sunscreen. Yep, while sunscreen is incredibly important for protecting our skin from damage and cancer (please, don’t stop using it!), it also blocks our ability to absorb vitamin D. Another potential issue is location. Athletes in cloudier regions aren’t doing any favors to their D levels by being outdoors. And lastly, even if you are able to be in the sunlight without sunscreen and won’t burn, you still might fall short. That’s because individuals with darker skin tones have an especially hard time absorbing vitamin D from the sun’s rays.

Here is what we suggest instead: oral spray supplementation.

By combining ultra pure doctor formulations and the latest oral spray technology, OneSecond Supplements offers rapid micro-delivery of vitamin D to your body. You simply lift the cap, spray two times into your mouth, and you are good to go. Each dose contains 1,250 IU—that’s the same amount many sports dietitians recommend to athletes!

It’s easy, pure, and can deliver your vitamin D faster than a 90 mph pitch. Game on.

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