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Milena Perkins

13 Remarkable Health Benefits of Getting Outdoors

Benefits of Getting Outdoors by Julie Singh, Co-Founder of TripOutside If you’re a self-professed homebody, you could seriously benefit from a change of scenery. Spending time in nature could improve your physical and mental health, ward off illness, and actually make you happier! 

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Carl Gregory

‘Tis Not the Season for a B12 Deficiency

If you are reading this while sprawled out on your living room couch, please note: you are not alone. Exhaustion is all too common during the holidays. And, who can blame you? All those hours spent circling the mall’s parking lot in search of a space, the shopping lines (Oh, the lines!), schlepping back and forth from recital to holiday party, the gift wrapping, the even longer lines to meet with Santa, the family in town, the hosting, the travel, the traffic, the tree, the list goes on and on and on, and you are absolutely worn out. However, if...

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