Why Do We Need Vitamin D in Summer?

Vitamin D deficiency has been steadily on the rise in America. An insufficient supply of the so-called “sunshine vitamin” has long been linked to poor bone health, and more recently, associated with other ailments, such as multiple sclerosis, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, low fertility, bouts of sadness and more. Today, it is estimated close to 1 billion people are deficient and even more are at risk.

See, vitamin D is not your typical vitamin—it actually is more like a hormone than anything else. It isn’t really present in a lot of foods and traditionally, the easiest way to obtain it is via the sun. “Ah, the sun,” you might say. “Well, there is no problem here. I live in California, where my summers are packed with sunshine filled days.” Maybe so, but you’re still not out of the dark (so to speak).

Here is the thing: in order to obtain your recommended daily dose of vitamin D you’d need to expose your body to approximately 20 minutes of direct sunshine a day…and that is without any sunscreen. That’s right; so even if you are spending your summers in California, Hawaii, Arizona, Florida or any other sunny locale, you may still be missing the mark. How? Well, for one thing, if you are wearing sunscreen (and we certainly hope you are) you are not only blocking your skin from damage caused by UV rays, you are also blocking your body’s ability to absorb vitamin D naturally. And, sunscreen wearers aren’t the only ones at risk. Individuals with darker skin tones, kids, and office workers are also largely susceptible to vitamin D deficiency. Also, let’s not forget those of us who live in slightly more cloudy regions of the country.

But don’t hit the tanning beds just yet. While eating vitamin D-rich food could prove to be difficult (unless of course, you are a major fan of beef liver) and forgoing sunscreen could do more harm than good, there is a third option, and no, we are not suggesting another hard-to-swallow pill…

OneSecond Supplements is a ray-free, pill-free, and beef liver-free way to get your daily dose of vitamin D year-round. You simply pop off the cap, spray OneSecond Supplements Daily Vitamin D3 into your mouth, and swallow—that’s it. It is doctor-formulated using the highest quality ingredients and none of the fillers and binders found in traditional supplements. Oh, and it tastes great too. It’s like having a personal dose of sunshine right in your pocket.

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