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Price: $79.96
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Daily Sleep Aid
(30-Day Supply)
Daily Vitamin D3
(30-Day Supply)
Daily Vitamin B12
(30-Day Supply)
Daily Immune Support
(30-Day Supply)


Price: $99.95
Special TV Offer:
ONLY $49.95
You Save 50%
Daily Sleep Aid
(30-Day Supply)
Daily Vitamin D3
(30-Day Supply)
Daily Vitamin B12
(30-Day Supply)
Daily Immune Support
(30-Day Supply)
Children's Daily Multivitamin
(30-Day Supply)


Daily Sleep Aid
(30-Day Supply)
Daily Vitamin D3
(30-Day Supply)
Daily Vitamin B12
(30-Day Supply)
Daily Immune Support
(30-Day Supply)
Children’s Daily Multivitamin
(30-Day Supply)
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  1. Add a slide featuring sleep and make it the first slide.
  2. Make the following page look better.  https://onesecondsupplements.com/collections/all/
  3. Replace the header logo with a more HD version.  See the following link, zoom in, looks low quality: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0025/5642/8346/files/logo_571bf165-6e03-4634-a301-5918ad6e85cc_600x.png?v=1536945696

Dev (not live, pending approval):

  1. ...

Live 2018-11-16:

  1. Clicking on product images auto scrolls you up to the image change.
  2. Added 'view all' link to blog post pages (to the right of recent articles).
  3. Blog recent articles list now uses featured image icons.
  4. Kids corner ported over from instavit.com.
  5. Lifestyle tips ported over from instavit.com.

Live 2018-11-15:

  1. Add to cart button is now 100% width.
  2. Added watch tv show link to all product pages.
  3. Blog posts now use featured images.

Live 2018-11-09:

  1. On homepage; Jatin slide; Change ‘featured on tv’ to instead say ‘watch our tv show’/’watch our show’/’watch tv show’ (whichever fits best).

Live 2018-11-04:

  1. Overlay; updated 800 phone number to order.
  2. Overlay; updated link to the infomercial.
  3. Homepage; updated link to the infomercial.

Live 2018-10-25:

  1. Updated "purse" graphics to remove instavit bottle and replace it with an oss bottle.

Live 2018-10-16:

  1. Free shipping for orders over $50 applies to all US states and territories.  Updated announcement bar to reflect this.
  2. Updated blog sidebar image from a table of food to the OneSecond O icon.  This is the image that shows up on social media posts of blog pages without a thumbnail image -- better image for social pages than the table full of food.
  3. Added "manage account" navigation link to the recurring navigation menu.
  4. Added css fix to fix recurring navigation menu ui bug (two menu items on one line then each item should be on its own line).

Live 2018-10-10:

  1. Removed Google Plus social network link.  G+ is going away soon.

Live 2018-10-08:

  1. Updated landing overlay to use new recurring system.
  2. Added ReCharge recurring system.
  3. Removed Bold recurring system.

Live 2018-10-06:

  1. Enabled cart notes.

Live 2018-10-05:

  1. Updated shipping system. 

Live 2018-10-01:

  1. On Science page; update all images to use OSS read instead of the Instavit orange.  Melatonin chemical image and free from image.

Live 2018-09-30:

  1. Copy reviews from old site and enable review stars on product boxes.
  2. Make "Recommended Products" look better on product pages.  Needs some CSS love.

Live 2018-09-28:

  1. On homepage; sleep slide; removed styled 'InStyle'.  Take image's "INSTYLE MAGAZINE" and make "INSTYLE" the width of other text, dropping "MAGAZINE" to the next line.  Make "INSTYLE MAGAZINE" italicized.  Create two versions, one that is "INSTYLE MAGAZINE" and the other that is "InStyle MAGAZINE" - email it to Mark as so he can choose which one he likes best.
  2. Added GDRP support.
  3. On homepage; sleep slide; change html text from "voted #1" to "ranked #1".
  4. On homepage; on both pack slides; add best deal and guarantee seals like it is on the product images.
  5. On homepage; sleep slide; we need to have supporting information as to the #1 claim.  Instead of saying voted #1, the instavit site said ranked #1, let's used ranked.  The supporting information should be "for sleep by InStyle magazine".  It was ranked #1 as instavit and not as oss.  To get around that we could prepend it with 'our sleep formula was' as the formula never changed - so the claim is still true.  Altogether, 'our sleep formula was ranked #1 by InStyle magazine'.  Here is the instavit slide for reference: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zjsmnpbktlkq3fx/2018-09-26_18-43-44.png?dl=0
  6. On homepage; Jatin slide; the b12 bottle label is difficult to read due to being upside down due to the angle of the bottle.  Let's keep the bottle in the same position, but flip the label on the bottle.
  7. Quick Buy page added.
  8. Add a new slide stating: "By Buying Direct You Save the Retail Markup! OneSecond Supplements are the BEST Value for Money You'll Ever Find."
    1. This item was removed in dev and was never live.  It did not pass Mark's dev approval.
  9. On homepage; buying direct slide; add an infomercial testimonial pic with their quote.
    1. This item was removed in dev and was never live.  It did not pass Mark's dev approval.
  10. Add a new slide stating: "Our Name Says It All. It only takes a second to get the essential supplements you need for better health." 
    1. This item was removed in dev and was never live.  It did not pass Mark's dev approval.

Live 2018-09-26:

  1. On homepage; on 'our name says it all' slide; the background image is taller than the others, make them all uniform height.
  2. Update 'special tv offer' icon on both slides and product images to include an exclamation point at the end of the text 'offer'.  Result:  Special TV Offer!
  3. On homepage; Second section; update the image to something that looks better, or at least make the image background transparent instead of white.
  4. On overlay; add numbered colored circles to both pack images.
  5. On homepage; On both pack slides; add numbered colored circles to both pack images.
  6. Update product image for packs, change 'special tv offer' icon TEXT to red (keep the TV grey).
  7. Update product image for packs, move 'special tv offer' icon to top left.
  8. Update product image for packs, add 'best deal' icon to the top right.
  9. Update product image for packs, add '30-day guarantee' seal somewhere (or integrate it with best deal or special tv offer, whatever looks best).
  10. On homepage; On sleep slide; add an icon to the left of the blue overcap to indicate "voted #1”.
  11. On homepage; Sleep slide; remove the icons and text from the right side.
  12. On homepage; Jatin slide; find a better picture of Jatin.

Live 2018-09-24:

  1. On homepage; last section; update copy to: Our Advanced Oral Spray TechnologyTM is rapidly changing the way people look at taking supplements. No more hard-to-swallow tablets, capsules or pills. No more hassles having to count them all out. No more water needed to wash them all down. No more unpleasant aftertaste. No more wondering, “Do I take these tablets with food or without?” Instead, OneSecond Supplements are a Doctor-formulated, evidence-based modern alternative that are far more effective than traditional supplements. They are simple to use, convenient, great-tasting and, because you are buying direct from the company, an incredible value for money. Once you try OneSecond Supplements, you’ll never look at supplements the same way again.
  2. On homepage; On Jatin slide; change the cursor to pointer on hover, to indicate it is clickable.
  3. Make "tm"'s capital, never lower case. 
    1. Updated on one slide.  If exists elsewhere, let me know. -Carl

Live 2018-09-23:

  1. Are we selling a travel pack online? -Sonia
    1. No. We are selling essentials packs though, is that what you are referring to? If so, then yes, we are. -Carl
  2. On science page; add clinical trial data or related statements. -Sonia
    1. I can add that, where can I find either of those? It's not on the science page on instavit.com, so not sure where to look. -Carl
  3. On homepage; Last section ("unlike any"); add a link to the science page.
  4. Use amazon logo for 'also available on Amazon.com'.
    1. Removed this from product pages - we want them to buy on our site, not Amazon.
  5. Copy over blog pages from instavit.com
  6. Copy over science page from instavit.com

Live 2018-09-19:

  1. On homepage; Second section; change sub-content to 'Each of our formulations are thoroughly researched, designed, and developed by our founder, Dr. Jatin Joshi, using his extensive medical experience. Each oral spray supplement formula is in liquid form; all of the high quality, active ingredients are already dissolved and blended. It’s the new evidence-based gold standard for those looking for highly effective, convenient, great-tasting nutritional supplementation.'

Live 2018-09-18:

  1. Reduce margin between footer's newsletter and payments.
  2. Remove the date on blogs.
  3. On homepage; Last section; change to main:"unlike any supplments ever created", sub:"OUR ADVANCED ORAL SPRAY TECHNOLOGY is more effective than traditional supplements".
  4. On homepage; Second section; change to: add image between main and sub (https://instavit.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Science-Formulation-300x242.jpg), sub:"Each of our formulations are thoroughly researched, designed, and developed by our founder, Dr. Jatin Joshi. He uses his extensive medical experience to devise each supplement to a gold standard and works with a team of specialists with decades of experience to deliver a quality product. Each spray supplement formulation is in liquid form so all of the high quality, active ingredients are already dissolved and blended."
  5. Remove "on sale" badge over products that are on sale.
  6. On homepage; On nextgen slide; set a nowrap span of each part of the following main tag-line: "The Next Generation" and "Health Supplements".
  7. On homepage; change slide order to: jatin, 4pack, 5pack, nextgen, sleep.
  8. On homepage; On both pack slides; put pack contents on own lines.
  9. On homepage; On pack slides; set a nowrap span for "Daily Essentials" and "Family 5-Pack"/"4-Pack"
  10. On homepage; On 5-pack slide; use special font and green color on the word "family".
  11. On overlay; change secondary tag-line to "OUR ADVANCED ORAL SPRAY TECHNOLOGY is more effective than traditional supplements".
  12. On overlay; change main tag-line to "unlike any supplments ever created".
  13. On overlay; make main tag-line bigger.
  14. Change spray images for alt images to match that of the packaging (use the dot format ones.)
  15. Move #3 circle on the 5-pack under the box, to match #4 & #5.

Live 2018-09-17:

  1. Add footer stating 'We Accept All Major Forms of Payment' then append with Visa, MC, Amex, Disc, <new line>, other icons.
  2. Change footer link to "our ORAL sprays."
    1. This was changed on 2018-09-14, must have forgot to save it. Sorry. Changed again. -Carl
  3. Increase size of icons: cart, search, login
  4. Make 'special tv offer' red.
    1. I assume the text, not the icon? I changed the text. Let me know if you meant the icon or both. -Carl
  5. Change second section of home page, titled 'The Next Generation Health Supplements', to the new copy sent via email.
    1. As stated on 2018-09-14; I did not find an email with copy for this. I found an email that talks about changing copy on the landing page, and another email that talks about changing copy on the homepage banner slide, but nothing regarding the second section of the home page. Maybe you accidently said landing page when you meant home page? The landing page and homepage banner slide changes have been completed. If you sent one about section two of the home page, I don't see it, please send again? -Carl

Live 2018-09-14:

  1. Remove credit cards from footer.
  2. Add number circles to pack product images.
  3. remove review on product grids, keep on product page.
  4. Change footer link to "our ORAL sprays."
  5. Update guarantee policy.
  6. Grey special tv offer icon on product images.
  7. jatin slide
    1. Unlike traditional supplements, one second supplements are doctor-formulated using advanced oral spray technology.....
    2. jatin name off right quote
  8. On second section of home: change copy and remove space between one and second
    1. Did not find an email with copy for this... sorry.... Removed the space though -Carl.
  9. Update content on "and evidence based" section of home page.
  10. Rework special TV offer pricing display "should be stocked, --$79.96-- special TV offer ONLY $39.95"
  11. Add spray patter for individual alt images.
  12. add tag line to header image
  13. Add spray pattern for pack alt images.
  14. Fix FDA disclaimer in footer - give full width.
  15. End landing page with spray patterns.