Each of our formulations are thoroughly researched, designed, and developed by our founder, Dr. Jatin Joshi. He uses his extensive medical experience to devise each supplement to a gold standard and works with a team of specialists with decades of experience to deliver a quality product. Each spray supplement formulation is in liquid form so all of the high quality, active ingredients are already dissolved and blended.

"Like most surgeons, I have seen undigested pills and gummies in the colons of patients that we have had to scrape out during surgical procedures. In pills and gummies, fillers such as Titanium Dioxide, calcium silicate, and methyl cellulose are often used to serve no purpose other than to bind the ingredients together. I knew what these binders do in the body, so I opted to create a line of supplements without them."

Dr. Jatin Joshi


OneSecond Supplements was expertly formulated to fit into your busy lifestyle. The spray bottle seals and protects the potency of the product inside, fits into your pocket or handbag and is perfect for traveling. No need for water and no need to carry bulky bottles of pills. OneSecond Supplements’s line of supplements gives you complete dosage control, even when you’re on the go!

Doctor Formulated

Every OneSecond Supplements spray provides an exact and measured amount of liquid, allowing for correct dosing. This also allows for customization of the supplement intake for the needs of each individual.

No Pills

40% of Americans have difficulty swallowing pills1 and let's face it, no one really enjoys doing so. OneSecond Supplements oral spray supplements are doctor-formulated, convenient and taste great.

1 From a study conducted by Degustabox. Sample size 223.

Love Spray Vitamins
  • Contain NO fillers and binders
  • Sugar free and suitable for diabetics
  • Manufactured to the highest standard in cGMP, FDA approved facilities in the USA
  • Gluten free

Our A to Z Ingredients

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Comparison of absorption of vitamin D3 buccal spray and soft gelatin capsule formulation.

It can be concluded from the results that the buccal spray produced a significantly higher mean serum 25(OH)D concentration as compared to the soft gelatin capsule

Vitamin D3 supplementation in healthy adults: a comparison between capsule and oral spray solution.

Vitamin D3 supplementation in healthy adults: a comparison between capsule and oral spray solution as a method of delivery in a wintertime, randomized, open-label, cross-over study.

Melatonin for the prevention and treatment of jet lag

Melatonin is remarkably effective in preventing or reducing jet lag, and occasional short-term use appears to be safe. Melatonin is a pineal hormone that plays a central part in regulating bodily rhythms…

Are oral vitamin D3 sprays as effective as capsules?

Vitamin D given as an oral spray is primarily absorbed through the membranes in the oral cavity, allowing the vitamin D to bypass the gastrointestinal tract and go directly into the blood…

B Vitamins and the Brain: Mechanisms, Dose and Efficacy—A Review

This review describes the closely inter-related functions of the eight B-vitamins and marshals evidence suggesting that adequate levels are essential for optimal physiological and neurological functioning.